We develop Internet of Things (IoT), electronics and software products. We create industry automation and quality control solutions.

We analyse thoroughly your concept and choose most suitable technologies to create a reliable and user friendly product. We have been creating awesome products since 2014. Our engineering and later-stage manufacturing support help to bring your concept to real life.


Internet of Things (IoT) development
– Can be used to collect and share any type of data
– Battery, solar or mains powered
– Work in most harsh and demanding environments
– Analytics dashboards and maps to make most sense of collected data for your business
– Experience on measuring, controlling, tracking and smart farming field

Electronics devices development
– Consumer electronic devices
– Industrial testing, control and measurement devices
– Portable devices
– Battery, solar or mains powered
– Touchscreen, mobile app and server-based control options
– Product housing design
– Experience on industrial testing, healthcare and consumer electronics field

Software products development
– iOS and Android mobile apps
– Single-page dynamic web applications
– Web-based administration interfaces
– Analytics dashboards
– Integrations between various systems 

Industry automation and quality control
– Camera-based machine vision solutions
– Experience on item detection, quality control, text and object recognition, autonomous guidance systems


Let’s build your product together!

We are experienced and competent. SP Engineers has been creating products and various solutions since 2014. Our engineers have over 15-year experience on technology field.

We are flexible. We can create both quick prototypes as well as sophisticated mass-production ready solutions for end-users. 

We have lots of contacts with various faculties of Tallinn Technical University (Tallinn, Estonia), professional associations and companies that allows us to find best solutions for your concept.

Having business in Estonia? We qualify for Enterprise Estonia’s development vouchers scheme, which is meant for small and medium-sized enterprises whose development ideas need advanced professional know-how from specialists in order to be implemented.

SP Engineers OÜ is a member of Estonian Electronics Industries Association.

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Our competence
Automation and quality control
  • Industrial and other processes automation based on computer vision and machine learning
  • Object detection based on the shape and dimensions
  • Counting of objects, products, cars, people, etc.
  • Decision algorithms based on detected objects
  • Reading of texts, barcodes, numerical codes and other symbols
  • Component placement control in mass-production
  • Quality control in mass-production
Consultation & CTO as a service
  • Consultation on product and software development
  • CTO as a service
    • We offer CTO-level electronics and software development management service with hourly rate
    • We have extensive experience in developing complicated electronics and software products
    • We have managed development teams with agile methodologies for several years
Electronics product development
  • Hardware and software for Internet of Things (IoT) full solutions by using most contemporary technologies available (NBIoT, Sigfox, LTE-M, Wifi, 2G/3G/4G, ...).
  • PCB design, analysis, optimization, assembly
  • Product prototypes from various ready-made modules for rapid and cost-effective product validation
  • Mass-production ready solutions design and creation with all relevant documentation for CE and other required certification
  • Electrotechnical calculations and analysis. 
  • CAD drawing and modelling  (Altium Designer, Eagle, SolidWork, COMSOL)
Software development
  • Software and hardware for Internet of Things (IoT) full solutions by using most contemporary technologies available (NBIoT, Sigfox, LTE-M, Wifi, 3G/4G, ...). We create web administration interfaces and end-user applications for desktop and mobile (React, Angular).
  • Software development for various prototyping platforms (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ARM, Pycom)
  • Android and iOS mobile apps development with both native (Kotlin, Swift) and cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Flutter)
  • We develop web and server applications as per customer custom needs (NodeJS, Laravel). We provide interfacing solutions for various APIs.
  • Our experienced team is able to create applications for you by using various technologies
    • We use various programming languages: C/C++, C#, Swift, PHP, Python, microPython, Java, Javascript, Assembler
    • We have experience with several operating systems: FreeRTOS, ARM Linux, Debian, Windows
    • We find suitable prototyping or controller platform for your application amongst ARM, AVR, PIC, ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, Nordic BLE, Pycom
Nordic Shelter
Mobile ticket validator prototype
Kitchen's power consumption stand
Controller for electrical motors
Prototype of wheel chair that amplifies arms' repulsive and braking force
Our work
IIRIS salt therapy device
Smart wild bird feeder
Cable connection tester
Moisture meter’s IoT solution
Air pressure monitor for construction sites
Contactless payment terminal
Laser projector for fabric cut
Asset management software
Ticket validator for mobiles
Race car lap time system
Trackers for logistics sector
Voice recorder-projector with voice recognition
Indoor positioning system
Power quality analyser
Kitchen energy consumption stand for museum
Touch sensitive light and music instrument
Hertz and Marconi device replicas to museum
Wheelchair controller