About Us

SP Engineers OÜ offers hardware and software development services since 2014. We are experienced and competent – our engineers have over 15-year experience on technology field. We can create both quick prototypes as well as sophisticated mass-production ready solutions for end-users. We are situated in Tallinn, Estonia – a small country in North-East Europe known as Baltic Silicon Valley due to it’s leading digital technology and infrastructure. We provide services all over Europe and beyond.

We have tight connections with various faculties of Tallinn Technical University (Tallinn, Estonia), professional associations and companies that allows us to find best solutions for your concept.

Having business in Estonia? We qualify for Enterprise Estonia’s development vouchers scheme, which is meant for small and medium-sized enterprises whose development ideas need advanced professional know-how from specialists in order to be implemented.

SP Engineers OÜ is a member of Estonian Electronics Industries Association.

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Heigo Mõlder

tel.: +372 526 4992
Ph.D in electroenergetics and mechatronics. Scientific and development work has been mainly related with electrical quality, electromagnetic compliance, electromagnetic fields, autonomous mobility and IoT devices. More than 20-years experience on electrical, electronics and robotics field. Founder of various startup companies. Holder of chartered engineer level 8 certificate. Member of various professional associations.
Tanel Kerstna

tel.: +372 516 9995
Master of Science in Business Information Technology. Experienced IT development and product manager with over 20 years of practice in developing mobile, CRM Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), machine vision, self-service and e-commerce applications with agile methodologies (SCRUM, Kanban). CSPO and CSM certified. Founder of several startup companies.