CTO as a Service

Whether you are a new startup or a long-existing multinational company, a CTO is an essential member of your team. While hiring an in-house technology executive could usually take several months, our experienced CTO can be with you and support your business in days.

CTO-as-a-Service (CaaS) allows also Your company to harness the skills and experience of CTO but at a more manageable cost – paying only for the services you need. 

Your CTO can help you with:

Connect business with tech
Connect your business needs with tech abilities and resources
Define tech architecture
Define technical architecture, select suitable technologies and frameworks for your product or service
Create development roadmap
Create product development roadmap and prioritise the backlog
Track budget and KPIs
Evaluate budget and KPIs / OKRs for making sure everything is in line with corporate strategy
Lead development team
Work with both in-house and contractor development teams and be responsible for its delivery

CTO-as-a-Service is invoiced on hourly bases, which makes it suitable for every organisation – e.g. you can have experienced CTO for only 1 day per week or for full-time for few months – whatever suits you best.


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