Computer vision applications development

SP Engineers LLC creates computer vision applications that allow to detect various information from images and videos.

How computer vision can help me?

Computer vision applications can increase productivity both in manufacturing industries as well as in everyday business processes.

  • Manufacturing industry
    Computer vision systems use help of cameras, hardware and software in order to detect various objects (e.g. products, quantity of products, product characteristics) and according to detection results conduct manufacturing process control decisions, gather statistics, etc. Computer vision applications are often used to track products’ quality in manufacturing process. Computer vision systems allow occasionally to replace very complex systems with much simpler camera and software application.
  • Business processes
    There is often need for employees to submit expense documents to accounting, for subcontractors to forward various documents to contractor and for international forwarding companies to handle massive amount of goods declarations. Even though lots of processes are being digitalied, there is still lots of information moving around on paper. Computer vision allows easily to digitize documents and easily forward them to proper recipients.
  • Everyday life
    Computer vision allows to detect amount of people in waiting area, number of cars on parking area or on a street. Such information allows easily to analyse and estimate amount of people required to be served, amount of free parking spaces or street’s traffic volume.

Which computer vision software development services do we offer?

  • Document detection
  • Detection of various objects based on their shapes and dimensions
  • Measurement of products and their components
  • Product quality control
  • Assemble quality control and missing components detection
  • Products counting on moving surface or conveyor belt
  • Reading of texts and codes
  • Color detection, shiny surfaces and LED color detection

We create computer vision applications for

  • Android and iOS mobile platforms
  • Single board computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • Special cameras and computers
  • Server based systems with integrations with various cloud services (Google Cloud Vision, Amazon Rekognition)

What have we done?

Objects detection from video on real time

We have models for discovering most common objects. We create and train new models which are able to discover objects required by you.

Document detection in Android and iOS applications

We have good algorithms for detecting documents from camera view in real time. Document detection works well both on light and dark backgrounds.

Various information detection from measurement devices

By analyzing images we are able to detect various information from measurement devices screens, dials and pointers.

Additional computer vision examples:

Joonis 1. Detailide kokkulugemine tööstuses

Component counting in manufacturing industry

Joonis 2. Automaatne palkide kokkulugemine digitaalselt pildilt või videolt.

Counting logs from images and videos.

Joonis 3. Automaatne autode kokkulugemine parklas digitaalselt pildilt või videolt

Counting cars in parking lot

Joonis 5. Toodete kokkulugemine virnas

Products counting in stacks

Joonis 6. Toodete kvaliteedi kontroll tööstuses

Product quality control in manufacturing processes


Do you have a need or idea for computer vision application? Let us know and we make you an offer!


Automation and quality control
  • Industrial and other processes automation based on computer vision and machine learning
  • Object detection based on the shape and dimensions
  • Counting of objects, products, cars, people, etc.
  • Decision algorithms based on detected objects
  • Reading of texts, barcodes, numerical codes and other symbols
  • Component placement control in mass-production
  • Quality control in mass-production
Computer vision examples
Smart Bird Feeder

Machine vision is used to identify birds presence on the image and to identify birds species.

Measurement devices reading discovery

Machine vision is used for identifying measurement devices serial number, measurement reading and pointer position. Information is sent to server over mobile data.

Quality control

Machine vision is used to identify products with defects